5 points on Courage and How to Fail Your Way to Success

7 months ago by André Giæver

Courage is the greatest tool for success. True success is not measured in profit, net worth or even level of power. It’s measured in your degree of happiness, fulfillment and your ability for gratitude. 


Ok, I get it. You won’t amount to something that people will recognize. You want to build a legacy that, on your death bed, you can be proud of. Believe me, when I tell you, there’s only through the practice of one single thing you will get there. Courage.


I’m an introvert, and that’s somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to courage. If I let my mind blindly call the shots, I wouldn’t be able to take any unregistered phone calls, talk to any strangers or do anything that feels unpleasant. I used to live like that. Now, at some point, I realized that this behavior wasn’t only holding me back, it was actually killing all my dreams for a happy life. Even though I wasn’t able to act on them, I still had dreams. Big ones, in fact.


Connecting with distant mentors

– If you want to achieve greatness, you need a mentor, they say. But how?

About a year ago I discovered, for real, audiobooks. Being dyslectic, this was a gamechanger for me. This was about the same time we got a so-called smart TV at home. That meant opening the wonders of the YouTube universe in our living room. This was a game-changer like none other. Like a starved squirrel, I started to gather and consume excessive amounts of knowledge about anything that piqued my interest. I was clearly hungry and here was an infinite amount of food. I soon realized that mentors come in every shape or form. Mine became selective individuals online that had accomplished what I’d set out to do. Their published wisdom became my playbook.


After a while, I started to become a little more selective. I understood that the knowledge base I’d stumbled upon really was infinite. Then I started to see a common thread in books, Ted Talks, Podcasts, and interviews. Courage. It hasn’t anything to do with bravery. It’s rather the ability to endure pain and fear to accomplish what you set out to do. Imagine my surprise and delight. Courage could be practiced because courage is a skill.

Willpower, gratitude, changing habits. They’re all practicable skills! The whole experience struck me so hard, in fact, that I knew I had to pay this knowledge forward, hence the creation of


Practice courage every day

Practicing courage hurts. There’s no way around this. But that resistance you feel leading up to, and the unpleasantness while doing something courageous tells you that you’re on the right path. This is a hero’s journey, not a walk in the park.


How you read and interpret your emotions is also key. Let’s say you have a fear of public speaking. Let’s say you had to give a 1-hour talk next week. The anxiousness and stress you feel are how you’re used to interpreting the emotions that the thought of public speaking gives you. Your chest tightens, your mouth gets dry and your heart rate elevates. This is a normal bodily response to anxiety and stress. Do you know what else it’s a normal response to? Excitement.


So how does this amount to success? The more you get to grips with tackling the things that hold you back, the greater your momentum will become towards your goals. Through the practice of courage, you’re shedding your old beliefs on what your capable of and gaining a new perspective of the opportunities around you.


As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, success shouldn’t be measured by wealth or power. If you, at the end of the day can look in the mirror and sincerely feel it and say to yourself; You know what, today you were awesome! Then you’ve experienced true success. If you’re able to sustain that over time, you’re truly successful.

Here’s my equation for success:
Courage + Effort x Consistency = Success


Failing is the whole point

Failing is a part of any exercise and what makes us learn and grow. If you’re afraid of failing, you’re really afraid of trying. Remember the successful has failed more times than the unsuccessful has even tried. Courage is no different.


Also, keep in mind that the humiliation you may feel when failing is an internal feeling. It’s up to you to reject it or to be consumed by it. Brush yourself off and keep moving. If you can look up, you can stand up.


Thomas Edison was once asked about his failures on the path to creating the world first light bulb, whereby he famously responded: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”. I Edison hadn’t had the courage to keep trying the world would be a much darker place.


Courage leads to gratitude

The more start to get a handle of the difficult aspects of your life, the more a sensation of gratitude comes to light. At least this is how it was for me. You start to realize that the skills you’ve acquired broaden your horizon in several different ways.

I’m grateful for the fact that I’m living in a time where information has become so easily accessible. I was grateful that there are people out there that share their wisdom and knowledge in a way that I can benefit from it. Most importantly, I’m grateful for gaining the courage to pursuing my dreams and being able to pay the knowledge of how to you.


Some closing thoughts

Hopefully, I have given you a stepping stone to pursue courage and other aspects of your life further. I feel I have to pay tribute to the mentors that have been instrumental in my growth such as Brendon Burchard, René Brown, Tom Bilue, Eric Edmeades, and Tim Ferris to name just a few. Thank you – I would still be a fraction of the man I am today if it wasn’t for their heartfelt wisdom.


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Published by André Giæver

Published by André Giæver

I'm just a curious and generally positive guy that has a huge appetite for life and a deep passion for simplicity and optimization. This blog and site is my way of paying my knowledge forward so that we all can live fulfilling lives.

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