How to Create Your Perfect Evening Routine

11 months ago by André Giæver

What simple things can you add to an evening routine to ensure a good night’s sleep and a kick-ass morning?


Here are some tips on how to do just that.


15 minutes is all it takes to turn set yourself up for success.


We’re all different, so a one size fits all approach to any routine is simply ridiculous. However, there are some common tactics that could benefit most of us.


Next day preparations

By far the most important thing is to prepare for a kick-ass morning. This entails deciding on an outfit, creating a short-list of critical todos and scanning your calendar for any appointments.

Now, this first part of your evening routine is not meant to take more than about 15 minutes, preferably less when you get the hang of things. It’s simply a process of getting rid of uncertainties that could bite you in the ass without warning.

We’ve all been there. Getting up too late, paired by the realization of not having any clean socks and followed by a calendar alert prompting you to be in a meeting across town within the next hour.

This kind of mornings is the recipe for failure that you won’t recover from. 15 minutes is all it takes to turn set yourself up for success instead. Well worth it, don’t you think?


Avoid high-calorie foods (or drinks)

You want to avoid your metabolic system to be on high alert late at night. If your gastric tract is still active when you’re going to bed, chances are you’ll fall asleep more slowly, your resting heart will stay elevated and your quality of sleep will decrease.


Try to avoid any calories 1 to 2 hours before bed for getter sleep effiecency.


Sugar, starchy food or food that’s high in gluten are especially challenging for your metabolism so at least stay off those. If you get late-night cravings (I know I do), try some camomille tea and a piece of dark chocolate. Try to avoid any calories 1 to 2 hours before bed for getter sleep effiecency.


Winding down

We need to wind down before jumping to bed. Preferably without the use of screen time. Yes, I know. Some of you may be thinking; this sucks. No TV, tablets or phones has its


No wonder why we’re unable to wind down and sleep well.


Thing is, our devices, along with other LED light sources, emit so much junk light that our brains never realize when nighttime is approaching. In addition, we’re constantly triggered by a false sense of urgency and fear of missing out by our phones. No wonder why we’re unable to wind down and sleep well.

That’s why I urge you to try out something for a week. Decide when you want to aim for bed and subtract one hour from that. Define it as a definite point in time, let’s say 10 pm. At this time turn of all devices. Physically turn them off so that no app alerts interfere with your evening routine either.

Minimize your inhouse lighting as well. Repeat this for seven days straight and assess how you slept. I guarantee you, your sleep quality will be significantly and notably better.

Aside from not bringing your phone or tablet to bed, there are other things you can do to ensure a good night’s sleep. Some light reading, deep-breathing exercises or meditation can send you to never-never land in a heartbeat. Some camomille tea with honey and apple cider vinegar is a sure hit for me. Others prefer green tea, but be aware that some brands tend to have high levels of caffeine.


Punching out

Prioritize sleep! I know you heard it before and I can’t emphasize this enough. Most people get way to little sleep and the science backing the importance of sleep is massive.

This last phase of an evening routine is especially beneficial if your mind has a habit of wandering or worrying a soon as you close your eyes.


Here’s what I do.


I find a comfortable position, I close my eyes and slowly start to inhale while I count to four. Then I exhale at half the pace, counting to eight. This is to slow down my breathing and resting heart rate.

Whatever thoughts that come to mind while I doing this, I simply acknowledge and respond to by thinking “tomorrow”. I repeat this until my mind is so far gone I forget to count, usually within ten minutes or so.


Final thoughts on your evening routine

Having a good evening routine, along with a morning routine, is so beneficial for handling stress and uncertainty, your productivity and your ability to stay present. Some argue that routines are tedious and limiting, but I would argue the opposite.

For me, setting up routines for certain key areas has given me more mental space and better emotional control. Starting and ending your day on a deliberate and calm note is not tedious or limiting. It’s liberating and a short track to greater levels of happiness!


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Published by André Giæver

Published by André Giæver

I'm just a curious and generally positive guy that has a huge appetite for life and a deep passion for simplicity and optimization. This blog and site is my way of paying my knowledge forward so that we all can live fulfilling lives.

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