How does cryogenic therapy affect the mind and body?

Published: August 30, 2018
Updated 2 years ago

Cryogenic therapy or exposure to extreme cold has a profound effect on both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that when you temporarily emerge yourself in cold water, it affects your body on a cellular level. More specifically, the mitochondria in your cells. These small cellular powerhouses get old and inefficient over time. Chocking your body with cold water kills weak mitochondria and triggers mitochondrial regeneration. This, in turn, powers up your body with more energy.

Another aspect of cryogenic therapy such as cold showers is that it kickstarts your brain. For your body to cope with the sudden drop in temperature along with the pain that comes with it, your brain gets flooded with neurochemicals such as adrenaline and endorphins. The first one is the counteract the drop in temperature by increasing blood flow, the second one is merely to numb the pain. A sweet side effect of endorphins though is that you actually become high. This kind of inner pain relief and additional side effects is what we see among runners referring to a so-called “runner’s high”.

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Published by André Giæver

Published by André Giæver

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How does cryogenic therapy affect the mind and body?