How to do a mind-sweep?

Published: August 30, 2019
Updated 11 months ago

A mind-sweep a simple, yet extremely powerful exercise. The goal of a mind-sweep is to acknowledge what’s occupying your mind on a regular basis. It covers everything from the most mundane to all of life’s bombardments of uncertainty.

You start by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper. Yes, we’re making a list. A list of all the things you’re kicking around in your head. I promise you, if you’re doing this for the first time, it will be a real eye-opener for you.


Scribble down everything that pops up immediately and continue to extend this list for the next few days.

Don´t worry about spelling, the order of things or if it should even be on the list at all. If it passed through your mind, the list is the right place for it.

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Published by André Giæver

Published by André Giæver

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